Finally got internet back and I feel so in control, and I am back working on the website. Were getting our new photos up. Check it out! Anyway, I thought I would do a movie review. 
I watched quite a few movies this week. Being that I didn't have internet. So I watched each one so many times. 
But Ill start with "The Call" staring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin.
Personally I can't stand suspense. But I absolutely love it. It was the type of movie that I get engaged with. This made it necessary to finish it (with which I needed to pause the movie midway, and play the rest later because of a class). Another awful, and brilliant part of it was the fact that it was relatable, and real. This shows the things that happen to people all the time. 
It was fairly unrealistic, but also in a realistic way. It showed how often the police are one step behind the criminal. But there were just so many obvious ways the police could have caught up to him. But whatever. Thats the trick to making a full length movie.
I watched it twice (i always like to do that with thrillers to see if I missed anything). But this wasn't one of those I watch over and over again, because you knew how it ended, so you just had to watch the suspense build once again.
Overall the movie I think was well made, and was for those who like real world problem movies.

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